medical surveysMedical surveys FAQ

1) Should I sign up for all survey companies? Each company works with different specialities and offers differing amounts of studies. If a company has a need, then they will send an email telling about the study, amount of time to do the survey, and the compensation amount.  Some of the companies send a lot of surveys and some of the companies send very few.

2) How much do surveys pay? Each survey is different. For most studies, the range is $1-$5/minutes. Telephone and in person interviews tend to pay more.

3) Why do I never qualify for medical surveys? Each survey has certain criteria. Typically they are looking for physicians in practice at least 2 years and do predominantly clinical work (I find that you have to be seeing patients at least 80% of the time). If you have a medical license in VT or MN, then these states have state laws preventing you to do surveys. In addition, the survey companies are typically looking for a provider to see a certain number of patients with a certain disease.

4) How long does it take to get paid?  Each company has different policies.  We encourage you to keep a spreadsheet of the surveys you complete.  If you haven’t been paid then contact the survey company.

5) What are the most common topics on the surveys?  Most medical surveys contract with pharmaceutical companies to get information on physician’s usage on certain medications.  The pharmaceutical companies will sometimes to do this prior to a medication being released to get an idea of how much the medication will be prescribed.  Survey companies will also try to get physician’s opinions on medication advertisements.   When pharmaceutical companies are releasing new products, they will need help in choosing a name for their product.  Survey companies will also schedule phone interviews with physicians and investment funds to obtain physician’s opinions on medications or devices.

6) Why are the surveys always full by the time I apply?

Just like a clinical protocol, these surveys have a certain number of physicians and demographic they are trying ot find.  It is always a good idea to try to do the survey when you first getting an email.

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