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We have been helping physicians find homes for the last 15 years.  We have helped hundreds physicians and health care providers find real estate agents who have top notch reviews from other health care professionals.

We can help you find a top-performing agent in your area at no charge to you who can help you save money when buying or selling a home. Tell us about your real estate needs and an agent will contact you within 24 hours.

Real Estate Disclaimer
All agents endorsed by “DrMoves” are independent agents and are not in contract to perform any type of real estate service on our behalf. All endorsed agents are licensed in their respective states to perform real estate services, under the supervision of a managing broker, in accordance with state law. All questions or problems that arise with regard to any real estate transaction should be sent to the managing broker of each endorsed agent. For contact information on each broker, please contact our office at 843.729.0302.
“DrMoves” is not in the business of buying, selling, or offering any type of legal information or advice regarding the purchase or sale of real estate. These matters are to be handled solely by the real estate professionals we endorse.
NOTE: “DrMoves” provides your information to real estate agents and brokers, who, by law, must keep your information confidential in accordance with state and federal laws. These real estate agents and brokers may use your personal information to contact you and better serve you. However, these real estate agents and brokers do not have any independent right to share this information.

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I didn’t have a very good experience with other real estate agents/companies and was referred to drmoves.com by a friend. Drmoves.com helped me find a realtor that held my hand through the whole process and made themselves available to answer any questions I had. I never once felt pressured and I’m in love with my new home! In the future if I sell/buy again, I’m definitely using drmoves.com.
Drmoves.com helped us find a realtor. The realtor helped my family sell and purchase our new home with ease! Everything was taken care of by the realtor and her staff. They were always willing to show us homes that hit the market the next day, provided information about the properties, and how the home was priced. Recommended good companies/people for services that needed to be done before closing. We were able to sell and purchase our home the same day, and the timing was perfect.