A doctor loan is a special program that banks and mortgage loan companies offer to physicians.

So you’ve finally graduated and now have those wonderful letters “DR” in front of your name. Congratulations!

Just having those two little letters, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you qualify for a doctor loan (Sorry, PhDs, but in the eyes of the mortgage industry, the PhD is NOT the higher degree).

So which doctors qualify for a doctor loan?

Well first, it’s probably more precise to use the term “physician loan” when trying to understand who qualifies for these special mortgage programs because these loans were designed with medical physicians in mind. Now you may be saying, “Ok, I get that, but there still are a variety of physicians out there. How do I know if I am the right type of physician to qualify for a physician loan?”

Well, the short answer is that it depends on the bank, and each bank’s program and lending guidelines are different. But don’t worry because I’ve done the legwork for you and can tell you which “doctors” qualify for each bank’s program.

All you need to do is to follow these three easy steps:

Step One: Find your profession and degree

Then click on the appropriate link to see the list of banks willing to lend to your profession.

  1. Medical Doctors with a MD or DO degree:

There are over 40 banks and mortgage loan companies in the US that offer some type of physician loan program, and I’ve spoken with just about all of them. The great news for MDs and DOs is that without exception every single one of those programs is available to you. They were created with you in mind. So any of the banks offering physician loan programs listed on our site are going to be happy to talk with you.

  1. Dentists with a DDS or DMD degree:

While you won’t qualify for every physician loan program out there, you will qualify for about two thirds of them. What is odd though is that some banks are willing to lend to dentists with a DDS degree but not with a DMD degree and vice versa. Heaven only knows why! I’ve listed all the programs that are willing to lend to one or both of these dental degrees under their doctor loan programs on our “Dentist Loans” page. Do make sure to double check with your mortgage lender in advance to make sure your degree is the “right kind” of dentist degree for their doctor loan program. Also, in my experience, banks are often willing to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, so just because your degree might not be listed in their lending guidelines, it doesn’t mean that they won’t accept you. Always ask!

  1. Podiatrists (DPM):

Congratulations! You’re the third most sought-after degree by physician loan specialists. Almost half of the programs out there include you in their doctor loan programs. Just check out which ones do on our “Podiatrist Loans” page, and once again, even if your degree isn’t listed in other banks’ doctor loan programs, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they’d extend their program to you.

  1. Chiropractors (DC):

So far, I’ve found 6 banks that include chiropractors in their physician loan programs, and they are all listed on our “Chiropractor Loans” page. But I bet if you’re willing to help out those lenders at the other banks with their back owes, they just might be willing to make an exception for you too. Hey, it never hurts to try.

  1. Optometrists (OD):

Ditto. There are 6 doctor loan programs for which you already qualify with your degree, which you can learn more about on our “Optometrist Loans” page. But, perhaps you can help the other banks see their way clear to including you in their programs too if you ask for an exception (Hey, I never promised that the puns would be good here).

  1. Veterinarians (DVM):

Ditto again (Is that redundant?). The six mortgage companies listed on our “Veterinarian Loans” page want your business and include you on the list of doctors to whom they’re willing to offer these great deals.

  1. Pharmacists (PharmD):

Check out the five banks listed on our “Pharmacist Loans” page to learn about the doctor loan programs available to you.

  1. Physician Assistants (PA):

Currently, there are four programs available to you, which are listed on our “Physician Assistants Loans” page, but I expect that you’re probably next on the banks’ ever-expanding list of specialty loan programs.

  1. Nurse Practitioners and Nurses (DNP, NP, and RN):

Exciting news! Just recently, some banks have started developing loan programs specifically for you. I fully expect to see more mortgage companies jumping on the nursing bandwagon soon, so stay tuned! But until that day, check out the banks that want you on our “Nurse and NP Loans” page.

  1. Physical Therapists (DPTs and PTs) and Occupational Therapists (MOT):

Try contacting the banks listed on our “PT and OT Loans” page. They either have a “Professional” Loan or a “Healthcare Professional” program for which you should qualify.

  1. Others working in the medical field (e.g., Acupuncturists, Medical Technicians, even Pharmaceutical Reps.):

Last but not least, others working in the healthcare industry who weren’t included in any of the categories above may still qualify for one of the aforementioned “Professional” or “Healthcare Professional” Loan programs. Make sure to check those out on our “Other Medical Professionals Loans” page, but always double check with the banks themselves to make sure that you qualify.

One final note: The “Professional” loan programs available at Independent Bank and at Cadence Bank are also available to other non-medical professionals practicing in their own fields (e.g., PhDs, JDs, CPAs, etc.). So, PhDS, it turns out that there is something for you after all.

Step Two: Use our State Map

Now, make sure to double check with our State Map to see which of those banks lend in your state. Simply click on the state to which you’re moving in order to see the banks with doctor loan programs in your state.

Step Three: Get connected with a physician loan specialist.

Fill out a request form to be connected with a physician loan specialist. We will be happy to help you find an expert experienced with working with medical professionals and who knows the ins and outs of these specialty loan programs.

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  • Practicing Physicians (MD, DO, DPM), Dentists (DDS, DMD), Oral Surgeons
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  • Self-Employed Borrowers in the medical field, such as those listed above, with a minimum of two years work history.
  • We are able lend to the above with a valid US Visa.

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